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  • Patience compliance
  • Continued professional development

Currently running Programs :

GEMS Program in anti-coagulation Internation Diabetes Courses Ultimate program in Anesthesia Breast Cancer Leadership Program
  • Population Health Research institute - Hamilton Health Sciences - Canada
  • AACE, ACE and Joslin Diabetes Center.
  • MD Anderson & Dana-Farber Cancer centers.

MeduKnowledge Small LogoUpdated medical information and knowledge is by the far the most important component in the healthcare system. To ensure delivery of optimum treatment and patient care, it is imperative that every stakeholder in the healthcare system receives updated medical information relevant to his/her needs.

MeduKnowledge offers innovative medical knowledge management solutions that encompass all the stakeholders in the disease awareness, diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention through state-of-the-art technology and integrated Information Technology systems.

Our Rationale

It is vital that the healthcare system sufficiently supports each and every stakeholder's ongoing needs for updated medical information to ensure delivery of optimum treatment and patient care.

Management of medical knowledge includes:

  • Development of appropriate data and information system platforms for institutions
  • Dissemination of latest medical information to healthcare providers through congresses and symposia
  • National and regional health initiatives
  • Continuous medical education and professional development for healthcare professionals
  • Patient awareness programs
  • Disease information systems
  • Public awareness programs

Continuing to provide updated medical knowledge requires well coordinated efforts and effective learning processes with measurable outcomes. Because it is imperative that every stakeholder receives information relevant to his/her needs, the medical knowledge management system must be ever vigilant and responsive to each stakeholder's educational needs.